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Welcome to MGI Planet!

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Welcome to MGI Planet!
by Site Administrator - Friday, 18 November 2016, 4:29 PM

MGIplanet is designed to bring exceptional state-of-the-art education to students around the world. Please browse our catalogue and choose your courses!  We look forward to serving you. If you need additional assistance, please contact Dr. Diana at for help in choosing your courses.  All courses result in an accredited diploma, and/or a career/technical certificate.

Courses are provided by ETap and Global Education Services and are available with highly qualified instructors, virtual class and online digital textbooks in addition to lesson plans, assessments and interactive activities.

The following prices apply for up to 4 members of the same household:

For unlimited access to BOTH ETap and Global Education Services courses.

Grades K-12

1 Month Access = $55/month

6 Months Access = $312

12 Months Access = $540

Career Technical courses 

1 to 2 courses (with up to a year to complete) $350

3 or more courses (with up to a year to complete) $540

Teacher Assistance for Global Education Services Courses

For 1-2 Courses $350 for up to a year assistance

For 3 or more courses $540 for up to year assistance