Basic Carpentry is a year-long course with 29 lessons that is intended for students who want to enter the industry as interns. During the course, students apply their skills to on-site projects that are supervised by a real-time instructor and assessed according to industry standards.

During the course, students study topics such as wood and lumber, engineering products, hand and power tools, fasteners, architectural plans and building codes, framing, exterior finish, roofing and interior finishing.

Welding Basics

Course Description

Welding Basics is a year long course for entry level students in Welding. During the course students learn the basics of safety during welding, how to read welding designs and blueprints, fabrication, flame cutting, plasma arc cutting, testing and inspection of welds, and welder certification. Concepts are applied to an on-site project which is supervised by a real-time instructor and assessed according to the outcome of the project.

Masonry Skills

Course Description

Masonry Skills is a year long course with 43 units that is intended to be taught to students who are currently working on a masonry project. The course teaches students the skills of manufacturing, laying, bonding, cutting, scaffolding of bricks and concrete block. Students also study chimneys and fireplaces, arches, and how to pour concrete. At the conclusion of the course, students are prepared to enter the masonry field as interns after having completed a project which demonstrates their skills.

Construction Basics

Course Description

Construction Basics is a year-long course that prepares students to enter the construction industry as an intern. Part of the "Residential Construction Academy," the course discusses the construction industry and the different jobs available and the skills required.

Students discuss topics such as jobsite safety, construction math, hand and power tools, fasteners and rigging, blueprint reading and the different symbols used on blueprints.