This module complies with OSHA-10 00101-09_LPs.pdfraining requirements and explains the safety obligations of workers, supervisors, and managers to ensure a safe workplace. It also discusses the causes and results of accidents and the impact of accident costs. The module review the role of company policies and OSHA regulations and introduces common job-site hazards and identifies proper protections.  Students are also introduced to the definition of safe work procedures, proper use of personal protective equipment, and working with hazardous chemicals.  Students identify other potential construction hazards, including hazardous material exposures, welding, and cutting hazards, and confined space.  (12.5 hours to complete)

Sustainable Construction and Design is a semester long course for students who want to enter the industry of "green" building as interns. There are 13 lessons, each of which take 2 weeks to complete. Students learn about the resources available for building, generative versus degenerative design, and students look at building and the environment as a whole system.

Students also study water and sustainable landscape design as well as indoor quality of life and innovation and design when considering a sustainable construction project. Students apply concepts learned to a proposed project of their own design.